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Sadness and depression is truly a hard place to be. If you can add lost to the mix then I suggest closing the doors to all the negative so the universe can open up new ones for a fresh start. It’s all in your inner self talk. Only you can give yourself the accolades and lift yourself up. Do not expect other people to do it for you. You can count on God and your awareness of intuition to be there. You and you alone have the power to change your emotions. They don’t control you. You control you. You decide how you feel and just be that. Train your mind into telling yourself that you are happy. Smile even when you don’t think you can. You can turn it around but it will take some practice. You just have to believe in yourself. Believe in your own words and thoughts that you say to yourself. Stop believing everything else, from everyone else, that is negative or harmful to your being. Listening to “them” is how you ended up self defeating, sad, and depressed. Start talking to yourself in a way that negates the negative and emphasizes the positive so you can turn your thoughts around. Changing your perception to your true self. I am pretty sure your true self is amazing!

” I will not accept anything less than what I deserve”.

— Dear Desi (2019)

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Support and Guidance

The thing that you need to really pay attention to is numbers. When a certain specific number keeps revealing itself to you on more than one occasion and in several different ways so you make note of it or not. To make note of this “happening” is where you decide whether or not to forget it and blow it off or acknowledge it and put some thought and emphasis on the reason why. I know I wanted to know why. Come to find out the reasons behind all of these incidents are an indication that you are being sent messages from a higher source. I know from experience that the messages are true and accurate. They actually guide you in your time of need depending on how much of your intuition you are using. We all struggle. We all go through the journey of awakening.

Words and numbers are the essence of energy. Words are directed and numbers calculate it. Behind every number is a meaning. Each number draws universal energy toward itself attracting whatever meaning that particular number has. Sometimes we see these numbers doubled or together. Whatever the case may be. The first thing to do is to stop and recognize each time this occurs. What were you thinking about. What were you doing? Where are you at? Who is with you? What plans are you making? Where are you going? Ask yourself these kind of questions every time you see a number more than once. You will begin to recognize the similarities and know exactly what they are telling you. This is a very good way to sharpen your sixth sense and stay connected to your life path purpose.

If you need more guidance you can google “What does Angel number (whatever number that is being revealed to you)? Choose whichever selection that feels right for you using your intuition. That way you know you are getting the right message that is just for you. You will know in your heart that the message was there just for you and at the right time when you need to hear it. The messages will have certain things written in it that only you can relate to and on such a level that the notion is hard to explain. I hope this finds whomever it was meant to help. I hope you never give up and you keep pushing forward no matter what. This is only the beginning part of the journey so start paying attention to the number signs so your life can change for the better. You must know that just about anybody can google this for guidance but your results will vary depending on the time and place and your life’s purpose. If it is YOU that is seeing the numbers. You are being called to your mission so place your heart accordingly. God bless.

Word Curse

I don’t know if it’s just me or other people just aren’t affected by the word curse. I have had a word curse before. Every person in my life has called me names. From really ugly just down right of the chain insulting words out of spite and anger. This person even knew what they were saying and had absolutely no conscious for their outburst of negativity. They had absolutely no regard to feelings whatsoever as if they had no soul or feelings themselves. It’s like darkness fell upon them all of a sudden and attacked my being for no apparent reason. A harmful judgement that demeans my character. It defiles values and disrespects personal boundaries. It was as if they never even knew me. You know the old saying “sticks and stones may break my bones. But names will never hurt me”. Yeah… That one. We were taught to say that when being called names. I tried it a few times but it didn’t help. I always got sarcasm and made fun of more.The entire saying is outdated. In the bible to my knowledge, states that “the tongue” is the most deadliest weapon. I know from experience words are extremely damaging and could push a person to act crazy or want to end their life from the fear and negativity of it all. I’m hoping that this blog will help those who need positive bullying life skills for your mind. I believe that above name calling statement was actually written to help like I am doing now. A negative statement turned positive to protect your subconscious from evil sayings being cast from dark sources. I had a preacher pray over me. He revoked my word curse. That’s how I began to notice negatives in my life. Words were and are a major block or issue with me. I’m writing this in light of helping others to have a new thought process when it comes to name calling protection. It takes some practice but once you keep saying it over a short period of time it will work for the duration and turn negative energy to a positive. It will benefit your well being and self esteem will be boosted. It will change your thought process to a positive way of thinking. It will even work on self defeating thoughts. This particular saying has helped me stand emotionally strong against the name calling evil attacks. “I will not take what they said personally.” This is a must as a daily ritual to block negative words you know are not by any means true or apply to your character. If you don’t protect yourself from these cursed words it will affect your life on a negative level without even realizing it. Changing your perception on how you view and process everything you do and say in life is a definite must to achieve being your highest self. Perception and words from any source are the stronghold on you and your purpose In life.

Intuition Awareness

A little knowledge I learned on my journey of building my intuitive energy vibrations and the signs to be “aware” of ✨ The lite version for guidance and positive support. Awareness of intuition is also a must when it comes to working on your inner self talk and building self confidence as well. You need to know some of the signs of intuitive energy vibrations and how to recognize them without doubting that what you’ve felt or seen is real or means something. The first sign to notice is the fact that you noticed something that stood out or seems to appear more vibrant than the other things surrounding it or witnessed something that seemed coincidental or out of ordinary that you ignore or blow off. Not giving it an explanation or any thought to as why that happened or stood out. This is a major clue that it was in fact a psychic awareness that should not be ignored. To being aware of this is the first step to following your intuition. Stop yourself at that very moment and make sure your conscious mind acknowledges what the subconscious already knows. The more you stop, reflect, and acknowledge.. The more fluidity of intuitive awareness thus sharpening your sixth sense. It will open up your perceptions to an understanding of what the signs and happenings are revealing to you until it’s like second nature.

Ask questions about the details, lighting, colors, the time, where you are, what your doing, what your thinking about, What premonition did you have 5 minutes prior? I can guarantee you that these incidences correlate to a final outcome in your nearest future. Usually for me it’s a warning sign and it all comes together within a 15 minute window. That’s plenty of time to evaluate the signs and vibrations to depict the outcome some of the time but unfortunately catch the outcomes a half a second too late and you’re stuck with the results that more than likely couldn’t of been prevented due to Divine timing and God’s. Universal plan but possibly avoided or helped someone being a light worker. Make notes mentally of correlation between thoughts, vibes, instances and what’s happening in the moment to constantly and repetitively “acknowledge the flashes f thought” like waking from a dream and writing down immediately what was dreamt as soon as you wake. Or else you will forget, it will fade, back into the darkest locked part of the psyche. If you have any questions about my post.. Don’t hesitate to ask. I hope this helps in a way that inspires to help others find their way back to love and light.

Dear Desi Bio

The photo above is a picture of me at a the Greyhound bus station back in January 2019. I was finally rescuing myself from homelessness caused by abuse.

Something I wrote in a journal app when I first started picking up the pieces. Finally standing up for myself.

This is just a little bit of my journey in this life to show my credibility of wisdom and knowledge. Plus I am an intuitive energy healer and Tarot reader.

I am hoping that maybe I can save a life because of my words or maybe turn someone around to a better direction. I am all about kindness and paying it forward. Doing this is my way of giving back to show my gratitude for God being there for me when no one else was. I made a promise and I am sticking to it. —

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